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Winning product – how to find it

You test a lot of products, but none of them turn out to be profitable and you start to think that you will never find the winning product? Don’t be disappointed. The most common problem for new dropshipping store owners is finding the winning product. We have all been there and we know very well […]

Dropshipping mistakes – Top 5 beginners mistakes

We were all at the very beginning and have come a long way to make the dropshipping into a profitable business. It was not easy for any of us to achieve our goals and we all know very well that we also made big dropshiping mistakes, but as we made them, we learned something from […]

Product description – 2020 tips for begginers

Having a good product description in your Shopify store is very important thing cause good description can convince your customers to order a product form you. We have seen a lot of mistakes that newbies do with copying descriptions from the Aliexpress or other Shopify stores and that can lead to customer not buying from […]

Dropshipping general, niche and one product stores

When it comes to choosing a store in dropshipping you have three options and these are general, niche and one product store. There is a great deal of controversy among dropshippers when it comes to choosing one of these three stores.What we can tell you based on our results from years of testing, is that […]