What is dropservicing mentorship?

Your mentor’s main responsibility is guiding you through the advertising process. Your main duty here would be to take notes and learn marketing strategies from your mentor. Even when you start doing things on your own and you encounter a problem, you can easily contact your mentor and ask for an advice or help because this package provides lifetime support.


Why start a dropservicing business with us?

You can make over $10000 monthly by selling our packages. It would be basically dropservicing business instead of dropshipping where you sometimes have shipping problems. You would get 50% commission on each sale. Our dropservicing package costs $297 and it includes a Facebook ads course, 1 on 1 mentorship and affiliate partnership allowing you to sell our packages. Once you purchase , it takes to find 2 interested friends to sell the same package to and you made $297 back. Find 5 more and you made another $750. That’s not all. They can do the same thing and you get %10 commission for sales your customers made. Mentor is going to create a Facebook page with our company’s name and teach you our marketing strategies so you could start selling our packages in your country. Imagine selling dozens of packages and getting 50% for each sale and plus %10 whenever your customers make a sale. It’s practically making money while sleeping.

If you have any questions click on ‘contact us’ button to start a conversation with one of our mentors. Free phone call is available.

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