Dropshipping general, niche and one product stores


When it comes to choosing a store in dropshipping you have three options and these are general, niche and one product store. There is a great deal of controversy among dropshippers when it comes to choosing one of these three stores.
What we can tell you based on our results from years of testing, is that the general Shopify store gives the lowest results compared to other dropshipping stores. The year is 2020 and more and more people have become aware of drophipping so you will have the best results if your website does not look like any other dropshipping store. Your winning product also plays a major role in this.

From our testing, we concluded that there is a greater chance that a potential customer will leave your dropshipping Shopify store and check if that product is available on Amazon. The reason is that he trusts Amazon more than you do, which is normal. Amazon is a multibillionaire company and people will always trust them more than you who are just starting out.
The Niche and One product dropshipping store on the other hand have no problem with that if you create a branded Shopify dropshipping store. So we highly recommend beginners in dropshipping to start with a niche Shopify store if they want more products in their store. What you shouldn’t do when making your store is to put products that have a logo. You want to have your own brand and not sell someone else’s.

One product store also gives very good results. The point is to make a brand out of your product and if your product is good you will surely make a consistent sales. Remember that only one product is needed to make serious money in dropshipping. So don’t worry, you don’t need more products to make a good profit online.
Our company Alidropstore is engaged in website development and if you have problems choosing your dropshipping store, contact us for advice. We have a team of website development experts with many years of experience and we are sure that they will guide you the best.

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