EDUCATE your potential customers and make them BEG to BUY from you

educate potential customers

How can you educate potential customers through an ad? How to make potential customers from “not buying right now” to becoming your customers right away? The best and only way how to do this is reach them before they even know they will buy from you. You have to reach them before your competition does! So, let’s get started.

Is making an educational ad REALLY IMPORTANT to reach potential customers?

What is the first thing you have to focus on when building an ad? Number 1 key that will attract customers like crazy? What does your ad need to be about and what does it NEED to have?

The answer to this couldn’t be easier. It is EDUCATION. Your ad needs to be educational. In one of our previous blogs we talked about game-changing steps to reach customers (click here to read) and one of the steps is for the ad to provide VALUE. Your ad is a part of your funnel. Many people think that funnel is once they click, but actually that’s not the case. If your ad doesn’t do a great job in educating that person from beginning, then they’re not going to click on the link.

Make the potential customer trust you by delivering content that educates

How to reach potential customers who are not ready to buy now, but could be ready to buy soon? Again, you have to educate potential customers. The reason why people decide not to buy something is because they don’t know anything about the product.

How to remove that level of uncertainty? By informing them what is that you do, or giving them more information about your product. And, if you are the one who is doing that, then you will be the one they buy from. In this way, you give them knowledge which is the reason they start gaining trust in you as their seller.

Let’s take a very easy and quite interesting example. A bakery. If a baker wants to promote his bakery and his products, he will either make an article in the newspaper, write a text about it or make a video and promote it on social media. In your opinion, which one is better?

Let’s imagine the baker gives promotional information in the newspaper. For instance, “Buy 2 breads for the price of 1” or “If you buy 2 breads, you get a donut for free. “This is how the majority of people market.

What is that value-based marketer does?

On the other hand, when we talk about an authority-based, value-based marketer what they would do is tell the full story. How they source the wheat, how they make the dough and talk about the nutrients from the bread. They would represent the art of planting the wheat, putting all the hard-work into making it to the shelves as the best bread.

When we compare this message to the first one, it is powerful and education-based. We don’t talk about any promotions or discounts. People will buy into this story because they got to learn something from that. Whether or not someone is going to buy that bread, they would still be much more inclined to read an ad that is more educational in nature. Rather than an ad where it says: “ You can buy 2 breads for the price of 1”.

 It is in the positioning of how you do that. Advertisers will pay the same amount of money for the advertisement, but it has been shown that people are more likely to read an educational message than an ad.

Another good thing that comes out of this is changing psychology of the relationship between your business and your potential customers. With this technique you’re no longer chasing clients. Instead, they’re the ones chasing you. They want you to help them. They start enquiring about your products and services. It’s a game changer, and it’s hands down the best way to attract business online.

If you’re still not quite sure how you can educate your potential customers through your ad, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’d be more than glad to help you out.

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