Facebook Ad Policy – why does it matter?

Facebook Ad Policy

Knowing about Facebook Ad policy can highly affect the way you present your ad. If you’re wondering why your ads keep getting disabled or disapproved stay with us and you’re find out why that happens. What are possible implications? How does it happen? Who is in charge of monitoring the ads? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Possible ad policy implications

  1. Ads getting disabled is disruptive to your performance, in some cases your campaigns may go offline. It isn’t necessarily disruptive to your business. You can have other ads running and other campaigns running, but it’s much better to avoid it.
  2. You can get your ad account disabled which results in making it offline and damaging your performance significantly.
  3. Your business manager might get disabled. If this happens then all your ad accounts will be offline.
  4. Your profile gets restricted. Facebook is pretty good at tracking your identity, so if you try to make a new account, it will recognize you and it will disable them as well. This can be the end to your business.

TIP: Repercussions are very serious, so we advise you to get into this matter and fully understand it.

How does it happen?

Very often it’s not your fault but maybe something about the way you’re advertising has triggered Facebook’s automation. Millions of ads are being approved every day. The only way it’s even visible to Facebook to approve and disapprove ads is depending on Artificial Intelligence.

  • You can intentionally violate ad policy.
  • Also, you can accidentally violate it and that’s why awareness of it is very important.
  • Third reason you might get caught up under ad policy issue is because you’re violating it but you’re triggering something in automation. Very often it’s the keyword you’re using. Facebook’s AI picks it up and perceives your ad as being certain type of ad when it’s really not.

Moreover, understanding how automation works and how to avoid these key words is really important, too. We’ll also cover that.

What is violating the ad policy?

When you go to facebook.com/policies/ads/ you will find section under name “Prohibited Content“. You can see a very long list of services that are prohibited and which will make your ad disapproved. If you do it too much it will disapprove your ad account, business manager and make your profile restricted.

Make sure you read the subjects which you think your content might fall under. For instance, if you’re operating with service based on food, drink or health take a good look at policy “Personal health”. Like we mentioned before, the AI is mainly looking for keywords here.

Another important thing to know, Facebook is also assessing your landing page by using keywords and image recognition. The AI is making sure that what you say in your ad is alligning with what is on your landing page. Moreover, it’s checking if there is anything on the landing page which is violating the Facebook ad policy. If you want to advertise on Facebook, your website needs to be in accordance with the policy.

We hope this article will be of use to you and your future business. We advise you to take a very good look at the subjects that are prohibited and restricted while advertising on Facebook.

If you want to learn more about the ad policy or if you need an advice, feel free to ask us. We’re here to help you out.

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