Facebook Lead ads – how does it work?

Lead ads is an ad product on Facebook often underutilized by users who are not sure how to properly implement it. Today, we will talk about what exactly Facebook lead ads are. Who should use them? Why Facebook lead ads are valuable? How to set them up?

What exactly are Facebook Lead ads?

According to Facebook’s definition, this is a tool to help you find potential customers who demonstrate a level of interest by sharing their contact information with you.

Simple way to think of it, this is an ad unit that enables you to generate leads. These can be business leads or consumer leads.

How does it work?

Its users see an ad in feed or stories, they click on the ad and it opens a lead form within the app itself. Next thing, they fill out the lead form, submit it and you get their information. You as an advertiser can act upon this information.

This ad unit is very similar to other ad units in appearance but it’s different in functions.

facebook lead ads

Who should use lead ads and for what?

What type of businesses should use this ad product? What objective do they serve? There is a variety of potential use cases here, so we will cover some of them.

  • Lead ads can be a really good way to offer deals or to give discounts or offers for your business.
  • it’s a good way to host and facilitate contests or sweepstakes.
  • if you have a complex product or service this could be a good way to reach users who are interested in inquiring about it
  • use as a pre-order mechanism if you’re launching product or service in the future
  • to receive product samples
  • you can use them to sell tickets to an event
  • to schedule an appointment
  • download studies and whitepapers

Why should we use them?

  1. Streamlined submission process. It takes few seconds to fill it out and submit it as a user.
  2. On the other hand, if Facebook has this user’s name, email, address etc. it autofills the form. As a result, you have much higher lead submission rate, because users don’t have to spend time filling out the lead form.
  3. User doesn’t leave Facebook in order to complete the form and submit it. For you as an advertiser, you don’t have to think about creating a new website for it. Instead, you let Facebook host it.
  4. Mobile friendly.
  5. You are targeting real people, real identities.
  6. Facebook targeting and optimization can be done here.
  7. Ability to qualify leads. It means you can ask specific questions that get you responses from users so your lead ads are more qualified in the end.
  8. Re-target and build lookalikes from people who opened ad, opened but didn’t submit and people who submitted.
  9. Ability to have your Facebook leads transferred to your CRM system.

We hope this will help you in your future business. If you are having troubles using lead ads, feel free to ask us for advice or help. However, if you’d like to learn more about building an ad, Facebook Pixel, lookalike targeting and other things, you can check our blog or simply send us a message.

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