Find the most PERFECT niche in the easiest ways POSSIBLE! 4 STEPS ONLY

Are you excited to start a business but you haven’t made up your mind about the perfect niche for your store? You still haven’t found a nice one to start up your business? How to find a niche? What is neccessary to focus on when looking for it? What if you choose a niche but in the end it turns out that it doesn’t make you a good profit?

These are all the questions we are going to focus on further in the blog. Stay with us and learn more.

As you know, dropshipping business becomes more and more popular anually. People across the globe, both men and women, set up their own dropshipping stores. WHY? Because this business can provide them financial security AND independance.

What is a niche?

Let’s answer some basic questions. What is a niche, exactly?

A niche is a specialized narrow segment of the market for a particular kind of products. These products have to be interesting enough to make the potential customer to buy it. They have to wake up the desire in them to click on the ‘buy’ button.

For instance, if you search for clothes on the Internet you will find a lot of different categories under it. When we say clothes, it means jeans, shirts, sweaters, jackets and so on. Each of this category divides into smaller niche segments.

  • Basic jeans for men and women
  • Elegant dresses for businesswomen
  • Activewear for everyday activities

As you can see, there can be many different variations. When you start defining your niche you have to take a look at the broad market in the beginning. Then, choose a category under it, and then you narrow it down even more based on the audience you will be targeting.

For example, clothes > activewear > leggings for gym. In this instance, you’re going to be targeting people interested in workout clothes.

1. AliExpress as one of the sources for perfect niche hunting

While you are choosing niche on AliExpress, you should use 5 stars scale to search. For example, if you use a specific keyword and mark the “free shipping” and “4 starts & up”, you will get the number of results for that specific search.

perfect niche

However, if you want to know which product are the most popular, just select “orders” in “Sort by” section.

perfect niche

Search for a trustworthy supplier

Next thing you have to do is find a reliable supplier. There are few things you should take into consideration, like:

  • customer reviews such as comments, photos and their feedback on delivery and shipping;
  • the feedback score, whether positive or negative;
  • how long has the store been into operation;
  • does the product match the description; you can see photos in “customer reviews” section.

Another thing, you can search products based on the price, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones and vice versa. You can choose that in “Sort by” section.

Are seasonal goods a great choice?

Sometimes based on the season some products are more popular and demanding than others. Whether it’s Christmas time, New Year, Easter or any other holiday, products made for these special occasions can be sold very easily but it’s important not to rely only on them because they are in demand only for a limited period of time.

If you’re not sure about your product being seasonal or not, take a look at Google Trends as it is an amazing source for finding out popular searches worldwide.

2. Find a perfect niche using Google Trends

Like we mentioned before, using this tool can help you a lot whether you should go for that specific product or not, and you would know which audience to target with it. Also, you would know how does the search volume change over time and whether the interest towards that search is seasonal.

perfect niche

3. How to search for a niche on Instagram?

What we need to do to find a good niche on Instagram is type the chosen category in the ‘Search’ field.

There are many results in the dropdown menu.  Many of these accounts contain your focus keyword, which is why they are being shown to you. What you have to do is check out these tags, open as many accounts as you can and take a look at the number of followers, pictures, likes etc. Take all of this into consideration.

4. How to find a perfect niche with the help of Facebook?

Again we are using the “search” field on Facebook and we take a look at the pages and groups.

If you are really into starting this business, just do a little bit more digging on these social medias and other sites because this will give you an insight in promising and prospective niches. Remember that not any beginning is easy and that you have to perceive all these things and decide on the niche that will give you great results.

Looking for your winning product won’t be easy, however you can take a look into our other blogs where we talked about finding that specific product.

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We hope this article will help you and if it already did and you are ready to start working, check our site for packages or make your own shopify store with our help. For any other questions, feel free to ask us.

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