Frorin Mateescu- from student to millionaire

This is an interview with Romanian student Florin Mateescu who became a self made millionaire just by sitting at home and surfing online,  “When I heard of dropshipping  for the first the time, I didn’t even know what that is or how it works”  says Florin.

Was it easy?

 “First of all you need to know that this isn’t some kind of magical 60 seconds short tip like “start making money online” or some other stuff you are seeing around the browser every day- this is your own small test of how much you are motivated to make money from your home, without some bad mood boss you’re employed at.”

 How did you start?

 “Yeah, as we all know, start is the toughest part of every single job you want to start with, no matter is it on computer, at the office, in the market- start is the toughest. Important thing you need to know is that you need to be patient. I had a strong will and i hoped that readers could learn something useful while reading this interview. First of all, you need to change the way you use your computer. You need to exchange your wasted time for usefully spent time. So, I remember I have just heard about dropshipping and Shopify and I really didn’t know what that is actually. It was a process but eventually after three months of failing things started moving up.”

• How did you arrange your working hours?

 “Ok, let’s get something clear, you don’t have official working time. You work when you want to, but let’s get something else clear too-the harder you work more money you will make.”

 • Did you ever think to stop or lost motivation because of failures you had?

“No. At the beginning I had a lot of failures. As example, I invested a 300 bucks, which wasn’t a “little money” for me at that time, for some project that I thought it could be successful. I didn’t blame anyone but me for that situation, you just need to stay focused and to not lose your motivation. Because, now, you can earn a lot of money this way, but this thing will just be bigger and bigger, and of course- it’s not too late for you as you maybe thought. “

• How long did you wait for your first sale?

“Not so long after I started doing all the stuff. I spent some more time on just learning about everything and asking tutors every kind of questions. I had a will to explore and I hope readers would have it too. Sky is the limit”

 “Actually, first time I just woke up and saw a notification in my phone. That was my first $39.95. Then, things just got little easier. I started spending more time on my projects and ideas, and cash started coming by itself.”

 • Can you give some tips to people who decide to start this kind of business?

 “I don’t really need to explain to the readers what they should do to make money step by step. This business isn’t about mechanical doing things and waiting for money to come- of course, there is a scheme, but it is more about your creativity, motivation, patience and devotion. By the way, I highly recommend AlidropStore. And one more thing I want to say to readers, don’t expect everything to be quick and easy, never give up. Maybe first try would be unsuccessful, but if you stay patient and put some more hard work- you surely won’t have to do any other underpaid job in your life ever again.

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