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Unique Solution for Dropshipping

Understanding Dropshipping

If you want to start an online sales business but you don’t have a physical store or a warehouse, dropshipping is a solution. When someone places an order, for example $47 on your website, they leave their address and other necessary data which you use latter to place the order on your supplier’s page for, let’s say $7. That means you are good $40 and that’s only one order. All suppliers support dropshipping and the customer will think that it was you who shipped the product. It’s that simple. Three key advantages are:

  • You can run this business no matter where you live.
  • You don’t need to invest more than $1000.
  • You don’t need much time to learn how it works.

What it actually takes to make profit?

To make profit you need:

  • a converting website
  • a winning product 
  • a successful Facebook ads strategy

It took us quite some time to learn how a converting website should look like. You need a brandable domain name and professional logo that matches your domain for starters. Premium theme is recommendable. It shouldn’t be in more than three colors because a clean website with attractive photos and interesting stories is a trustworthy website. That’s exactly how we make them on Shopify platform.

Winning product must have attractive product description, ‘wow’ and ‘problem solve’ effects. Your description has to be appealing to your potential customers. It has to contain a text that explains everything about your product with photos and videos. Keep in mind that you would only use the winning product for your marketing campaign (one product only). Other products are just a fill-up to make your website look even more professional and trustworthy. Wow and problem solve effects mean that you can’t find that product in everyday corner shop. It’s something you don’t see everyday and you want it because you need it right now. 

Furthermore, you need to target the right people in order to make sales. You need to set your ads and find those people who would be interested in buying that particular product. This process isn’t random. It depends on a product you’re selling. When you set your ads, some of them would be successful and some unsuccessful. That’s why we recommend CBO campaign strategy. It picks the best ads in your campaign and spends most of the budget on them.

When it comes to ad text, it should contain a good hook. You can try to sell the same product with different hooks and it will make big difference. For example, if you sell teeth whitening product and you write something like ‘ Order our teeth whitening pen now, it 30% off today, free shipping included’ , you may make some sales. However, if you write something like ‘ Get your confidence back in no time with white smile’ , it will make a big difference. People don’t buy products because they are on sale but because they need them and it’s your task to explain to them why they need them. When it comes to photo/video you are using for your ad, it has to look professional and attract attention. We recommend creating your own video to stealing from other dropshippers and we offer to teach you how.

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