How to Convert Traffic Into Sales? No.2 Will Change Your Way of Advertising

convert traffic into sales

Are you getting enough traffic but in the end it doesn’t convert into enough sales?

In this article we’re going to cover the reason why this is happening and make you understand that anything can be fixed.

Reason #1 – Not enough trust

convert traffic into sales

One of the first reasons is there is not enough trust on your site. You build trust by having congruent colors, good logo and a good domain. Another reason is not having enough reviews. Having reviews is very crucial.

When people enter your website, they want to feel secure and know that no one is going to cheat them if they buy something from the store. So, increasing that belief in them by having a good design, nice color that goes well with everything else and a good professional logo will definitely be a plus and they will always come back to you.

Go back to your site and take a good look. Are the colors in order? Do you have reviews? Do you feel secure on your own site?

Make your site the way that you would like to buy from it.

Reason #2 – Not enough impulse

convert traffic into sales

If you try to sell the product by saying “BUY THIS NOW”, or “IT’S ON SALE, BUY NOW” they’re not going to buy it. You’re wondering “Why not?”

You shouldn’t just sell a product because it is on sale. If you put it in front of others in these words, it will only make them go away. No one likes being told what to do .

And what do you do then?

Then, you want to sell a true BENEFIT of the product.

For example, if you’re selling a teeth whitening kit, go by writing: “The one and only product you will need to gain confidence!” or “Having a beautiful smile is everyone’s dream!” and then you mention that it happens to be on sale, too.

Try it out. Put benefit first and sale in the end, and you will notice a huge difference in numbers.

Reason #3 – Price is too high

convert traffic into sales

One thing you can do here is test the product for a lower price. Because if it doesn’t work on the lower price, it’s not going to work on higher price as well.

For example, if you want to sell a product for 25$ or 24.95%, we would suggest selling/testing in the beginning for 14.95$ or 16.95$ or something like that to where you “break even” the first few days, get really cheap data, start doing lookalike audiences and then start increasing the price by couple dollars every few days and scale.

Basically, test a lower profit margin, around 7-10$ profit margin, and if it works, start scaling.

Reason #4 – Low quality traffic

Your content should live up to the needs and interests of your audience. If you’re targeting worldwide, a problem could easily occur.

Getting experience in both dropshipping and marketing over the past few years, we’ve realized that targeting worldwide is not a good option and we don’t recommend it anymore.

If you’re using this type of targeting, you can see a lot of countries that mostly belong to Tier 3 countries, e.g. Myanmar, Uruguay, Pakistan etc. countries that aren’t built to buy your products.

You should change your targeting within your Facebook Ads and start running quality traffic so you can convert them into sales.

*Tier 3 – Developing countries and consumers with low purchasing power.

Reason #5 – Is your product the right one?

You may have tested all of these things. You’ve tested the lower price, the impulse, you have a great trustworthy branded looking store but people are just not buying. And you don’t know what else to improve.

A lot of times, it’s just the product.

Cut all the emotions, cut all the ties. You have to move on. Replicate everything you’ve learned by testing on a new product and eventually you’re going to find something that hits!

And when you find THE ONE, create unique content about the product you offer.

If you don’t have such experience, you can contact AliDropstore Team to get help with finding the winning product.

Do you need help in building your store in the best way possible? Our mentors can help you in all of this. Just send us a message.

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