“My ad account has been disabled! HELP! WHAT do I do NOW?!”

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Are you one of those people whose ad account has been disabled? Do you feel hopeless and unsure about what to do next? You don’t know who to contact? Well, you’re in the right place because we know what are the necessary steps to recover your ad account. Stay with us and you’ll find out.

Tips for minimizing the impact of ad accounts getting disapproved

First things first, have a backup ad account ready in your Business Manager. If your ad account is taken down, you can switch over to another ad account while you submit an appeal and wait for your first ad account to be active again.

Second thing, have a backup Business Manager ready, if your primary one is not working. The situation is the same here. You can use your second Business Manager until the first one becomes active again.

Third, make sure you share your Facebook Pixels with those backup accounts and Business Manager in advance. This is something you cannot do while your primary accounts are already disabled

One more essential step if you have key customer audiences, like website audiences or manually uploaded custom audiences. This is another thing you have to make sure to share with backup accounts ahead of time. This, again, is something you can’t do while your primary accounts are disabled. 

What are the necessary steps to recover your ad account?

Okay, so you’ve been disabled. Now what?!

First thing you have to do is appeal right away because that process takes time. In your Ads Manager you will get a notification about your disabled ad account and you will receive a link where to appeal it. However, if you cannot see that link, click here.

Next thing, go to Small Medium Business support page where you can contact a Facebook Representative. Let them know that you believe your ad account has been incorrectly disabled and that you have already filed an appeal, and you can ask them to prioritize it and act right away. You can go to Facebook support page by clicking on this site.

Other than this, there is nothing much to do honestly. Just wait patiently. However, if you know someone working for Facebook or if you have a Facebook Rep, ask them for help. You got nothing to lose.

If you want to know the reasons for your disapprovals, you can open Account Quality Page on Facebook. Here you can monitor your ad disapprovals and you can request for ad appeals. Also, make sure you select the right ad account in the right corner.

Another very good feature about this page is that you can see what was your ad violating. Then you will know exactly WHY your ad is offline. Next step you can do is go to Ad Policy and read about that specific section. This is of a great advantage and you can right away submit one appeal or more at the same time.

We know that getting disabled, penalized or getting your ads disapproved can be very frustrating. Just be aware of what can trigger Facebook’s automation and understand the steps you can take if any of this happens.

If you would like to hear an advice from someone who has already been in that position, ask us. We are here to help you.

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