Product description – 2020 tips for begginers

product description

Having a good product description in your Shopify store is very important thing cause good description can convince your customers to order a product form you. We have seen a lot of mistakes that newbies do with copying descriptions from the Aliexpress or other Shopify stores and that can lead to customer not buying from you or to be reported by Shopify store owner from whom you got the description from. To avoid things like Shopify shutting down your store because you copy descriptions from somebody else we advise you to write your own description and in this blog we will describe to you the best way how to do your own product description.


Ok, so you have found a product that you want to sell in your dropshipping store, but now you struggle to write a good product description on your product page. Let’s say you want to sell tooth whitening product. What you want to do next is search on Google and try to find similar product and see how others did it. We don’t want you to copy it, just do the small research on Google and when you find the website that sells similar thing read their product description it might give you some idea how to start. You will be surprised how product research can help you do the whole thing without any problems.


First what you need to do is to trigger emotions in people.You probably wonder now how to do that. Well, it’s very simple. People who would use tooth whitening tool have yellow teeth and they desperately want to have whiter teeth and also they are probably embarrassed sometimes to smile. So the first line in your description need to be something like this: ”Do you have a problem with yellow teeth and this stoping you to smile?”. This will trigger an emotion in them and that is exactly what we want to do. Then in the next line you want to tell them that there is a way to have beautiful teeth again and that with our product they will regain full confidence again.


Try to describe what your product does, how to apply it and for how long they need to use it. Also, you can use the Facebook search to find similar products so you can see how your competition present the product in their Shopify store. Just use your own words and try to describe the product in the best way possible and not only that your product page will look good but also will increase sales. Remember that good product description can sell the product, but in order to do that you need to describe exactly what that product does. Do the research on each product that you intend to sell so you know exactly everything it does and present it to your customers in the best way imaginable. You can use YouTube, Google, Facebook even Instagram to find the same or similar product and it will help you understand your product much better. If you know everything about your product, it will be easier for you to write excellent product description.

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