5 GAME-CHANGING marketing tips that will SUBSTANTIALLY increase your ROAS with the same budget!

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Are you ready to make a game-changing ad? You’re at the right place. The main purpose of this blog is to help you understand how ads should be written on Facebook or Instagram. What is the main goal of an ad? How to catch people’s attention with your picture? What is lead-in copy and it’s purpose? We are going to cover not only this but also many other things in the article. We’ll help you improve your skills in writing ads on social media. Are you ready?

What is the first thing that catches the eye?

The answer to this is the ad image. What is so important about the image? Well, it is something people see first and based on that they decide whether they want to read the caption and click on it.

First step is to make the picture look native. Don’t make it look like an ad. There are some areas you need to touch up on so that you can make people stop scrolling and click on the copy or profile. Sometimes the product you are selling doesn’t need to be on that picture. The goal of the picture is to make them stop and take a look at what you’re saying and make them interested in that. As simply as that. So, try to always be original and make it look native.

People just want to keep scrolling down, see what their friends are doing, their role models and everyone else they’re following. That is what you are competing with. All of them and their posts are your competitors. If your image is not doing a good job in competing for that attention (see a blog about facebook ads aucion), then how do you think you will win anyone’s attention? You have to make sure your image will beat other competitors.


Make game-changing results with lead-in copy

The second equally important step to focus on is the lead-in copy. It’s supposed to lead the prospect into reading the rest of the copy and make him/her want to know more. It is in the very beginning for a reason. The goal is to get people’s attention.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell the product or service, focus on your ad copy and make it the best you can. The lead-in part has to wake up person’s need or want to click on it and find out more about the product or service. The lead-in copy needs to have enough intrigue and hints in it for your user to click on the “see more” of the text. Don’t try to sell them your produt. Try to help them out and explain them how could your product benefit them. They don’t care about you or your products. They have their own needs and problems. It’s up to you to explain them how could your product take care of those problems.

Pattern interrupt

Everyone has a pattern while scrolling down and this is another way to step up your game by interrupting the pattern on the feed. Your job here is to break it by building curiosity in them when they see your ad. When you see an ad in your feed in most cases you continue to scroll down, right? However, when you see an interesting post you will stop to check it out. That’s a fact. Use this method when you have to make a decision about your ad image or video. You will see the results very fast.

So, now that you have done that and your picture made them stop and stare, they will take a look in the lead-in copy. Make sure to provide hints in the copy. But, most importantly, never talk down to your prospect. You can use phrases like “Statistics show that ….” Or “According to the research, ….”. Always talk at it on the side, never directly.

Stop utilizing the “blind sell”

The bad thing is selling blindly to your prospect. Don’t make your copies long and meaningless. Always try to be precise about your product or service, and give them the right words. You need to give them some proof in order to sell the click. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Let’s say you are selling teeth withening kit. Your ad copy could say something like – ‘Buy your teeth whitening kit online. Free and fast delivery worldwide’. This is an example that most advertisers use. Lets go a little deeper and write – ‘Say goodbye to yellow teeths with our American-made teeth whitening kit, delivered to your door for free’. If you add that they don’t have to pay for it, if that doesn’t work, guess what would happen. The product is the same. Your ad copy made the difference in sales. Same budget – higher ROAS.

Game-changing ad has VALUE

The ad should always provide value. This is the part where you get them to enter your store. The job of the ad is to SELL THE CLICK. If your ad doesn’t do a good job in effectively educating that person from beginning, then they’re not going to click on the link. This results in creating consequences in the ad algorithm which will affect you in the long run. You have to show your value in the ad and show to people that you are legit by showing them what your ad is about. Telling them about it won’t make things good. Don’t talk about how good your company is. Prove it!

Try applying these game-changing steps and you will soon see a positive change. This higher level marketing is almost like a science, and you must apply it on your landing page, too. Converting website is a must for any successful online business. If you are interested to know more about that or technical Facebook ads knowledge, feel free to contact us anytime. We have a team of operators who are eager to help.

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