Winning product – how to find it

You test a lot of products, but none of them turn out to be profitable and you start to think that you will never find the winning product? Don’t be disappointed. The most common problem for new dropshipping store owners is finding the winning product. We have all been there and we know very well how hard it is for newbies to find the profitable products to sell. There are many ways to make your product research and we will now reveal the most effective ones so it will help you to find a good product and make the profit. Product research is not that complicated as you think.

Finding the winning product on Aliexpress and checking profitability

One of the ways to find a winning product is to search for it on Aliexpress. For example, if you are in Fitness niche type in Aliexpress ‘FITNESS’ and then try to find the product that looks interesting to you. Once you find one before testing it with Facebook Ads you can check if is profitable. Aliexpress product names are way too long that is because they use, key words so their products will appear on the top of the page. What you want to do is to make that name shorter first. For example, if the product name on Aliexpress is ,,11 Pcs Elastic Resistance Bands Sets Workout Rubber Elast Band For Fitness Sports Gym Exercise Equipment Training Pull Rope,, what you want to use from here is only two words and that would be Resistance Bands.

winning product

Now when we have the product and the name, what we will do next is paste that name on Facebook search and mark to show only videos. Facebook will show you all the videos that are posted including another store owners ad. If you find videos that have many likes, comments, views, shares you got a good product and you should consider to test it. Very often you will find winning product using this method.

winning product

Use some product research tools for winning product hunt

There are plenty product hunt websites that you can use and for some people it really helps to find a winning product. Product hunt websites are the websites where you have trendy products posted daily and it is a great way to find some new idea or new product. Same as with the first method, check the product on Facebook search before testing it. Also, they are great for new product idea and we often check daily what they are posting and if we like something we can always find a similar product that often turn out to be profitable.

winning product

Follow what others do

Another effective way to find a winning product is to spy on others. I know many of you would say that is not ok, but everyone doing it so why not. The fact is that 90% of dropshippers use exactly this method to find a good product. Whenever you find some ad on Facebook go to that ad and click Add to Cart. After some days of doing this Facebook will start showing you Ads that other people post. When you find an ad with a lot of likes, views, shares and comments read all the comments and if they are positive you got yourself a winning product to sell.

winning product

If you are still not sure how to find a winning product you can always count on us. Alidropstore researches products on a daily basis and can help you quickly and easily make your store successful

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