Winning product tips – Dropshipping

When it comes to winning product tips you can find many of them online. We are going to focus on the basics today and if you are a begginer you should read the whole text.

Make your scope simple and always think about waking up emotions in your customers with a product you are advertising. Try to learn what people are looking for and what could change their reactions while watching your ad. This is a key parameter for a winning product. Also be the one who will order it first, so you can be positive 100% that your choice is right.

When it comes to product description on you Shopify store it must look attractive. Investigate other web sites and find at least 5 best descriptions for products that you want to sell. The next step is to make your own but unique description for your products by using other best parts from descriptions you have previously found online. Wihout impulsive product description you shouldn’t start your marketing campaign. It would be a waste of money.

Now you have a winning product with impulsive product description and the next step is to start your marketing campaign. Create multiple ad sets with different targeting within your CBO campaign and create 3-5 different ads within each ad set. Use different proto or video and different primary text for each ad. This way CBO campaign is going to pick the best ad and spend the most of the budget on it.

Now you should think it through very carefully when creating your primary text and video for your ad. Keep in mind that there is a big difference if try to sell a product with a discount or with emotions. For example if you are selling make up and you put in your prmary text something like: ‘30% discount today only – free shipping worldwide’, some peoople may order it but you would definately have more orders if you write: ‘get your confidence back with our superhot new eyeliner’.

Emotional marketing is very important and you should study it first before you invest in your ads. If you want to get more winning product tips and winning products visit

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